Group Gym

Whether you are interested in personal training, or group training, we can offer you both at our gym. Often, it can feel more comfortable to work on your health and fitness as part of a larger group. Come by today and take a look at all of our fitness programs.

Our group gym focuses on cardio, strength and stretching so you can have a healthy well being. Our aerobic exercises can help you lower your cholesterol and burns up calories, tone your muscles and improves your posture. With our strength training, your body composition will improve and give you a tone appearance by burning fast and you can also fight depression. Stretching is also a fundamental factor for your body and one of the many benefits is that it increases your overall flexibility and reduces stress.

Whatever you are looking for, we got it. Call us today and sign up for one of our partner training session at One Body Training in Fredericksburg, VA today! We also offer a private gym if this is what you would prefer.